• Wellcome to my homepage

    The passenger ship in the background is Queen Mary GBTT

    Transmission from ms Avasaksa SDFA to SAG Gothenburg Radio. Klick on the left key for a telegram and the right key for qto-message.

    This is a home page with some information about a limited period of my life mainly regarding the time I worked as radio operator on board swedish ships 1956 - 1965. There are posibilities to see picures on ships, radio eqipment and to listen to some morse code.

    The English version is a short translation of the Swedish text.

    The meny to the left contains information about the Swedsh Navy (in swedish), Vaxholm Radio, HMS Falken and the Shipowners Gränges,Svenska Amerika Linien, Ångbåts-aktiebolaget FERM and Swedish Lloyd. The meny also contains links to pictures and info for the merchant vessels I have been sign on. For some ships you can find crew-lists and other information.

    I use direct links to a site with a large collection of pictures and facts about swedish vessels. The home page of this site is Kommandobryggan.

    Facts about the ships are taken from "Sverges skeppslista 1957 and 1966.

    Under the pictures of the vessels you can find the call sign and if you click it you can see picures of ship radio equipment. You can also hear a short sequence of morse transmission.

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