On the 11th of November 1956 I took a train from Tomelilla in the southern part of Sweden to Narvik in Norway. There was a drizzle and about +10 centigrades. 30 hours later in Kiruna it was -15 c and a clear sky and a few hours later in Narvik drizzling again and +10 degrees. I signed on MS Vistasvagge as a radio operator. First we sailed a few trips with ore from Narvik to Continental ports but then the Suez Crisis broke out and as Vistasvagge was an ore tanker our route became Mexican Gulf - Us, Uk and continental ports.

Vistasvagge was built at Kockums in Malmö 1955. She measured 21.400 DW ton and with 8450 HP she could do 14,5 knots. In 1974 there was an explosion in the engine room and she was laid up until 1979 when she was broken up in Spain.

Kommandobryggan Vistasvagge