After New Year's Day I contacted Swedish Lloyd in order to check if they had need for a radio operator. They answered immediately that I was employed from the 2nd of January with salary and allowance but I was longing for the sea and I called regulary the owner for information about vacancies and at last I signed on the 14th of february the steam ship Murcia and came to my loved Lisbon.

SS Murcia ex Fodal was built in Fredriksstad in Norway 1948. She was a steamer The engine was a 4 cyl Comp. (FMV) producing 3000 iHP. Swedish Lloyd purchased the ship and she sailed under swedish flag between Baltic ports and the western Mediterranean until 1963. In August 1972 she stranded near Port Louis Mauritius during a cyclone. On board S/S Murcia I met my wife to be.

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